10 Cool Vape Tricks and How to Do Them

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Most Popular Vape Tricks

The most recommended top 10 tricks come from easy vape to advanced. All you need to make sure is to use a good box mod and a good quality atomizer for clouds. These tricks are compatible with the Vape Pod, Vape pen & Vape devices. To produce massive and thicker clouds, you required a VG ratio of E-liquid.

Dragon Vape Tricks
  • Dragon: It is very easy to learn, plus can be achieved simply. All you need to make sure you have lots of Eliquid in your tank, as the dragon required lots of vapour. Take a long MTL drag from a vaporizer and once it’s full with vapour, it’s time to exhale with the force with the mouth and nose. It’s always better to keep the centre part of your mouth closed to provide the four streams of vapour required to complete the dragon.
  • Single O’s: This is known as a classic single O’s and a staple vape trick. Learning single O’s will give you to try different other vape tricks. Take a regular hit from the vaporizer. Inhale the vapour halfway in between mouth and Throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, and pulling it back to your throat to make O shape with your lips. Now start pushing out vapour through the throat with small pulse-like movements and keep your lips tucked in to thicken O’s.
  • Cheerios: A quick succession did in essentially in multiple single O’s. For this, all you need to do is take a long mouth to lung pull on your Vaporizer. Keep your lips tucked in and make an O shape with the mouth. Tapping the side of your throat and try to gently exhale through your mouth.
  • French Inhale: It’s an exquisite and very cool vape trick. To start with this, inhale MTL from vaporizing. Now allow vapour to settle inside your mouth and open your mouth sticking your lower Jaw outwards. Now simultaneously start to inhale through your nose.
  • Bane: A famous trick inspires by the blockbuster film The Dark Night Rises. As the main villain, Bane wears a mask that pumps anaesthetic straight into his body. Now take a long puff from a vaporizer and hold the vapour in your mouth for a moment and let it settle by dropping the top row of teeth onto the bottom lip. Exhale the vapour slowly through the mouth and drawback through the nose.
  • Ghost: A snap inhale or mushroom is known as Ghost. It’s a very famous trick among vapers. To start with this trick you pull the vaporizer without inhaling the vapour. Allow the vapour to drift in the mouth for a few seconds, after that inhale the vapour for better effect. Delicately push all the vapour out of the mouth, once done now close your mouth while forming a condensed plume and promptly suck back in the escaped vapour.
  • Bend Vape: It requires consistently good O’s that are thick and big. For this amazing trick, all you need to do is start taking a hard drag then cup your hand next to your mouth to blow an O ring.
  • Bull Ring: This trick gives you an illusion of a large bull ring. This can be achieved by breathing vapour and blowing a large and thick O Ring. Now gently inhale the top large single O through your Nostrils.
  • Bow Tie: This trick can be done by advanced vapers only as it needs two single O’s. For this, take a deep hit and blow the two thick O’s close to each other. Now inhale the side of each O simultaneously and you will see the bow tie look on your face out of vapour.
  • Jellyfish: This is one of the most impressive and advances vape trick. This trick is required lots of practice. To start, inhale a large amount of vapour and then blow a large single O. Now Promptly place your hand just behind the O and Bend it forward and quickly take another hit to exhale vapour through the centre of the O ring. This will help the second puff to pull the first vape ring and leaves a trail, creating the jellyfish shape.