The Coil: Fundamentals Guide for Beginners

If you think you’re a vaping expert, you still might learn new terms or so. Despite the huge growth of the vaping industry and sprouting the popularity of e-cigarettes to other vaping devices, many people still aren’t sure what vaping is all about?

If you’re unfamiliar with vaping indigenous, it’s easy to overcome with all the vernaculars that vapers experts lob around. Fear not we’ll walk you through some of the basics so no longer you feel left out.

What formats and options available for vaping?

  • The pen-style mod is more powerful than disposable e-Cig and it also produces more vapour. Some of the mod use disposable batteries and some of them are rechargeable via USB cables.
  • Box style mod helps to tailor your own vaping experience by selecting interchangeable tanks, coils etc. it also controls the temperature that helps to regulate power and vapour production without user intervention.
  • Disposables are the cheapest, most accessible, simplest vaping device. Also having temperature control and vapour production features.
  • Mechanicals keeps the light technology with the limited circuitry apart from the wires required to heat the coil. It’s a simplest, powerful, long-lasting and easy to use mode.

What is Vape coil?

Adjustable electronic cigarette, Non carcinogenic alternative for smokingThe most important part of e-cigarettes is a coil. Coils are composed of two parts –  Atomizer and Wick.

Atomizer: A standard heating elements in e-Cigarettes that convert e-liquid into an inhalable vapour.

Wick: An penetrable material that draws e-liquid onto the heating element.

How does coils work?

The e-cigarettes contain a battery that activates a heating device, atomizing e-liquid inside the cartridge and producing the vapour that is inhaled.

Atomizer coils are usually made up of kanthal generally have the resistances in ohms. Coils of lower ohms increased vapour production but it could risk fire and battery failures.

Wicking materials are different from one atomizer to another. Automizer can use cotton, rayon, silica, bamboo yarn, oxidised stainless steel mesh, wire rope cables as a wicking material. As we are aware of automizer and wick now next question comes to our mind is what does automizer head do on a vape? Well mentioned earlier an e-Cigarettes is made up of a tank that contains e-liquids and automizer head. An atomizer head is a metal coil wrapped around a wick that normally composed of cotton. If vape mod is the body, the atomizer head is the heart of your vaping experience.

What materials are coils made up of?

Most coils are made out of one of the few different materials, based the use of the coil. Nichrome, titanium, stainless steel, kanthal, nickel are common materials used for coil making, but kanthal is considered most used materials compared to others.

Selection of the materials is usually based on the factor of you are going to be vaping in temperature control mode, power mode or both.

Can we select the types of coils for vaping?

Well as we have different wire materials and different gauges of wires, yes we can choose different types of coils used in vaping devices. The most common coils used for vaping are Standard coils, verticals, dual/triples/quadruple coils, parallel, Clapton, twisted and tiger coils

Most of the standard vapers use the single coil. If you have more coils like dual/triple etc, the more battery powder required to keep them up and running and mostly in case of sub-Ohm vapers who are mostly into coil building. Since the process of changing the coil is very simple and straight forward.

As coils are one of the most important part of your vaping experience and coils can be built in two types – regular wire coils and ceramic coils.  The regular coil is DL (direct to lung) and ceramic coils are for MTL (Mouth to Lung). The major difference between the two is that ceramic coil lasts longer than the regular coil.

Classic coils VS Sub OHM coils?

When usually people think and discuss an e-Cigarette, they think it’s like smoking. But there is no smoke associated merely vapour.

The major difference between the two of them is based on resistance, vaping method, and completely based on the functionality of your e-cig. Classic coils have mostly high resistance as they less battery and juice required compared to another one.

Theory behind OHMS

OHMs law defines the way current flows through a material when different levels of voltage are applied.

Which means current through a conductor is between the two points is directly proportional to the voltages across the two points.

OHMS  law equation is straight forward and can be expressed in mathematical form: V=IR, where V voltage express in volts, I is current express in Amps, R is resistance expressed in Ohms.

If any two quantities are known, the third can be calculated and formula can be manipulated. For example- I=V/R or R=V/I.

Styles that decides your vaping experience

There are basically two methods of vaping.  The first is the “classic style” (mouth to Lung). Second is “Sub -Ohm” (direct inhalation) also known as cloud-chasing.

Out of two sub-ohm gives you much smoother and more vapour as a comparison to the classic style.

Users inhales directly vapour to their lungs; due to this e-liquids used in sub ohms devices are made with a lower nicotine percentage.

Another reason are high VG liquids gives more assortment with regards to flavour combinations.

On the other hand classic vaping is designed for satisfying heavy smokers as it gives mimic the sensation of normal cigarettes. Since it has the ability to used high nicotine e-liquid will give you a robust throat hit.

Knowing your device is crucial or not?

The answer is yes. it’s always better to know your devices as it determines the type of coil required. Usually, these kits come along with coils specially created for your tank. In case of devices that are good for high output levels, the coils with have a low resistance level. Similarly, if you are using low wattage, the coil will have a high resistance level. So better check the kit and order the same which fits in your device to get the outstanding vaping experience.

Sings to replace vape coils

  • Gives you gurgling sounds
  • Weak or burnt e-liquid flavour
  • Low vapour production as compared to earlier

Normally a new will last between 7 to 14 days.

 How can I make sure vape coils last longer?

It’s important to make sure vape coils lives their good life. This can be achieved with little efforts and time. By doing you’ll be saving money as well as quality experience will make it all more than worth it. All you need to do is to prime your coils by simply swap out the old coil with a new one.

Now saturate the wicking materials, using the e-juice of choice by depositing single drop into each one of the juice holes as well as inside the head itself. This helps you to saturate the wick including its centre

Once the coil is reassembling is done with battery and tank, take a few dry hit without activating a battery. It’s better to use puff timer tool to avoid over pressing the fire button and it’s important to give yourself a few seconds between hits.

For the best vape experience whenever you power up your device, choose high-quality coils that meet your vape style and preferences. Home of Vapes offers a wide range of coils made by the brand you be acquainted and love, with the affordable prices.